Build a High-Tech kitchen:our favorite products

In the age of dazzling innovations, building a high-tech kitchen has never been so accessible. However, some technologies and equipment available on the market still go under the radar of consumers. Don’t miss out on any more innovative ideas: here are our favorite products for your high-tech kitchen.

Build a high-tech kitchen,What does that mean?

The notion of a high-tech kitchen refers to a high degree of connectivity and practicality in appliances and kitchen utensils. We are talking about kitchens equipped with smart gadgets, using Bluetooth and Wifi, which become real culinary assistants.

There are all kinds of technological solutions, depending on your aspirations and your budget, to facilitate your daily life and work in the kitchen. These advanced technologies accompany you, in turn, from the shopping list to the preparation of meals.

A refrigeratorintelligent

The high-tech fridge connects to your smartphone and helps you make your shopping list as the week goes on. This modern jewel is able to check the contents of the bins and shelves to warn you when a product is missing. To do this, the connected fridge is equipped with cameras that are triggered each time the door is closed and detect the absence of objects or food.

An ovenremotely

Smart ovens are controlled directly from a smartphone or tablet. You can adjust the cooking mode no matter where you are in the house or outside. These high-end ovens also offer many options in terms of cooking modes and temperatures. The thermometer probes are extremely accurate: no more burnt gratins or rubbery roasts.

A hoodconnected

Building a high-tech kitchen helps you maintain a healthy and pleasant environment, not only in the kitchen but also in the living room in case of an open kitchen. Thanks to the connected hood, the suction is automatically triggered according to the intensity of the hob’s fires. The two devices communicate with each other. Smart hoods are also remotely controllable via smartphone or tablet.

At noblessa, discover the
Bora hood integrated to the induction cooker
Discreet and design, it directly sucks up odors and residues during cooking.

An induction cookercomplete

The unmarked induction cooktop offers a full heating surface. No more headaches about where to put your pots and pans, no more lack of space and no more inefficiencies when making your dishes. The cooktop detects the size of the container and intelligently distributes the heat. The cooking is then managed from a touch screen.

A cooking tableautonomous

In the line of smart cooking appliances to build a high-tech kitchen, discover the cooking plates that control the time and power of cooking according to the dishes. The sensors that make up the table are able to guess the nature of the food being heated and the progress of the preparation.

The dishwasherself-sufficient

The dishwasher that recharges itself, it’s possible. This machine is a treasure trove of ingenuity: it analyzes the level of dishwashing liquid available and places an order when the end of the stock approaches. This is thanks to the magic of the wi-fi network and the analysis of the number of cycles performed between each recharge. The device is also remote controllable so you can trigger the cleaning with a click.

A station forsmartphone or tablet

True extensions of ourselves, smartphones and tablets have become indispensable to our lives. They have made their way into our kitchens to help us control high-tech tools, suggest the best recipes or even make us cook to music. The mobile stations serve as reliable and capable battery recharging supports. The advantage? You can place them freely throughout your home.

All the innovative accessories and appliances presented in our article fit into the noblessa kitchen. Do you dream of building a modern, new generation custom kitchen? Our kitchen experts will help you design your futuristic dining area.