Build a sleek kitchen: 5 tips from the noblessa experts

The uncluttered kitchen meets a need for space and clarity, both cocooning and functional. Unadorned and ergonomic, it is nonetheless aesthetic and elegant. If we had to define this kitchen, we would say that it is simply refined, discreet, sober but practical.

Nevertheless, it is not always easy to grasp the codes of the genre. How to find the balance between usability and ergonomics? How can you make one of the most used rooms in the house more spacious and uncluttered? Here are 5 valuable tips from the noblessa experts to build a sleek kitchen.

1- Colorsneutral and soft

Building a minimalist kitchen that is both pleasant and welcoming is first and foremost a question of color. The desire for discretion and sobriety translates into soft colors. These offer a sense of well-being while enlarging the space.

As such, opt for a white or “nude” kitchen. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to stop you from adding a few color pigments to your sleek kitchen to avoid a dull look. For example, add design elements of wood or stone that extend the natural look. For a minimalist, ultra-trendy kitchen look, turn to the shine of stainless steel. Brushed preferably, not to fall into the glitter. Finally, a painted wall has its place in a sober kitchen mostly monochrome.

In addition to being soft and soothing, white and gradations of beige allow light to filter through. A bright room always appears larger and more uncluttered to the naked eye.

2- Materialsnoble and clear

In a refined kitchen, we give pride of place to noble materials and soft colors. Marble, light wood and granite accents are welcome, especially on the countertop.

These natural materials that convey a sense of refinement and purity also offer strength and durability. Indeed, it is not only a question of building a pure kitchen but also of designing a kitchen that can withstand the test of time and the most intense culinary preparations.

As far as materials are concerned, you should also choose glass accessories. They impose a pure, clear and healthy atmosphere. You will be able to integrate them in the form of jars for your dry food, fine suspensions, cloches of conservation or vases pricked with dried bouquets.

Discover and be inspired by the pure and noble kitchensa

3- Furniture and appliances discrete

In a minimalist kitchen, built-in furniture and appliances are king. For a furniture with a discreet charm, choose furniture with discreet and graphic lines. They must blend in with the background. Nevertheless, if they meet the need for sobriety, they must also meet the need for storage. That’s why we recommend discreet but spacious and carefully thought-out storage space inside.

Another tip? Storage rails to hang utensils and free the work surface. Indeed, the right furniture for a minimalist kitchen allows, among other things, to free up this central space of the kitchen. Besides, a cluttered worktop will always get in the way of the lightness and clarity of a kitchen.

As the centerpiece of the “invisible” furniture, don’t neglect the handles. To build a sleek kitchen, they must be absent. At noblessa, we have designed handleless kitchen fronts that have the elegance of opening with a simple push.

Finally, in the absence of doors or flaps to your storage spaces, don’t hesitate to use a light colored curtain to hide your utensils, dry food and appliances.

Speaking of appliances, to build a sleek kitchen, it must be as discreet as possible. For this, opt for built-in elements or ultra design objects. In this respect, multifunctional food processors that minimize the number of tools needed in the kitchen are particularly interesting.

Don’t forget to pay attention to large equipment. Indispensable and often massive, the hood must blend into the decor. The refrigerator and dishwasher should also adopt an unobtrusive design that does not create a visual break with the rest of the room.

4- Lightingsubtle but present

When looking to build a sleek kitchen, the choice of lighting is fundamental. Indeed, this type of kitchen is either bright or not. To create a real skylight in all sobriety, choose recessed or concealed lighting.

For example, pretty low hanging lights or fine pendant lights. These emphasize the absence of wall cabinets and accentuate the sober and spacious character of your kitchen.

5- A kitchenall in length

Before building a sleek kitchen, it’s important to think through the layout. This choice, although aesthetic, also conditions the practical aspect of the room. To combine tranquility, space and functionality, choose a linear kitchen. Its space-saving appearance is even more suitable for a
small kitchen
. To accentuate the long look of your kitchen, one trick is to attach a shelf along the entire length of the wall.

However, don’t think that building a sleek kitchen is limited to one layout. Depending on your room, the L-shaped kitchen is just right. The U-shaped kitchen also lends itself well to the exercise with all its stations in a small space. However, the U-shaped kitchen must be integrated into a
large kitchen to maintain
to preserve the airy and light atmosphere.

As you can see, building a sleek kitchen means glorifying sobriety and refinement, without ever cutting back on practicality and warmth. If you’re having trouble getting into the minimalist trend without neglecting the friendly and functional atmosphere, don’t hesitate to call on our experts. Every day, noblessa’ s interior designers create simple, aesthetically pleasing kitchens, even for limited or architecturally restrictive areas.