Locations: 5 advantagesof a U-shaped kitchen

With noblessa, choose a layout that will enhance your kitchen, optimize space and facilitate your daily life. U, L, I, G or parallel kitchen: the noblessa collections meet all needs. Today: zoom on the U-shaped kitchen! Very trendy and airy, a U-shaped kitchen is a promise of style and functionality… with a few conditions! So what are the advantages of a U-shaped kitchen ? Does it fit your interior? noblessa answers you.

5 advantages of the U-shaped kitchen

1# A flexible andthat adapts

Among the advantages of the U-shaped kitchen, let’s first talk about its flexibility. With a U-shaped kitchen you can either use two walls of your room combined with a bar or use three walls.

In addition, large U-shaped and openkitchens combine perfectly with user-friendly and very practical center islands. These dining areas, enhanced with a few high stools, provide a soft and elegant separation between an open kitchen and a living room. Today, the central island is much more than a place dedicated to making and eating meals. It is a real place of reunion, work and exchange in the heart of the house.

Finally, in a more original version, the U-shaped kitchen easily accommodates offbeat equipment, always more warm and functional. A built-in bookcase, an interior skylight, and lift-up pedestals are all examples of ingenious design features.

At noblessa, the U-shaped kitchen


is adorned with a large shelf that serves as a cooking area and a bar for conversation. What to make gourmet moments, real moments of exchange.

2# A triangle of activitiesrespected

The U-shaped kitchen has the advantage of being very functional. The triangle of activities (store, prepare, wash) is perfectly respected. The refrigerator, oven and sink are strategically placed, each on its own shelf. You can access your utensils and food, cook and clean your dishes with ease. The circulation is fluid, the movements efficient.

3# Spaceto tidy up!

The U-shaped configuration offers a nice working space and optimal storage. Indeed, one of the advantages of the U-shaped kitchen is the size of the work surface. Something to show off your cooking skills! In addition, high and low cupboards can easily be integrated. They allow an ergonomic and discreet storage of your household appliances, dishes and even decoration.

For U-shaped kitchens, noblessa offers a wide range of intelligent storage units:

suspended storage units

For U-shaped kitchens, noblessa offers a wide range of smart storage solutions: hanging storage, column units, space-saving sliding door cabinets , shallow cupboards or glass shelves to find your essentials at a glance.

Our model


model, the embodiment of the modern rustic wood kitchen, is designed in a U shape. Its huge work surface leaves room for any kind of interpretation. Its shelves integrated into the shelving units provide elegant and practical storage space.

4# A configured kitchenfor all

One of the major advantages of the U-shaped kitchen is that it is suitable for a wide range of projects and rooms.
Indeed, it is particularly suitable for
open kitchens
The third row is a symbolic wall. However, closed kitchens can also accommodate this type of installation, provided that there is sufficient space.

5# The U-shaped kitchen:functional and aesthetic

The last but not least advantage of a U-shaped kitchen is its design. The airy layout and the multitude of choices in terms of materials, accessories and mixtures of materials make U-shaped kitchens a treasure trove of elegance. You can use the three shelves to give your kitchen a unique style and decor.

The U-shaped kitchen blends in with any type of kitchen: Scandinavian, industrial, retro chic, contemporary.

I don’t choose a U-shaped kitchen if…

1# I have asmall kitchen

To remain fluid, pleasant and functional, the U-shaped kitchen must fit into a surface of at least 10m2. The central corridor should be at least 1.5 meters wide for optimal circulation. A clear space avoids jostling and the impression of a stifled room.

2# My kitchen does not haveof corner furniture

While the advantages of a U-shaped kitchen are numerous, the angles inherent to this type of layout can considerably reduce the space. Exploiting corners involves installing corner cabinets that optimize every corner.
To summarize, the U-shaped layout will suit you perfectly if you have :

  • a kitchen open to a living room
  • a closed kitchen
  • a room of at least 10 square meters
  • a central space of at least 1.5 m wide

Want to design your kitchen in a U shape?

The noblessa experts propose a

in 5 steps

. Your dedicated designer will help you design, plan by plan, the kitchen that meets your desires, habits and constraints.