Which material to choose for the worktop of your kitchen?

Half of the time spent in your kitchen is spent preparing meals.
The worktop is the most
is therefore the element that is most solicited on a daily basis. Naturally, it must be up to your needs and, moreover, be a remarkable decorative element. It must be resistant to impacts, scratches, humidity, heat and cleaning products, while enhancing the style of your kitchen.

The question of which materials to use is therefore fundamental. Which surface for which uses? For what resistance? For which atmosphere and style of kitchen? noblessa accompanies you in the choice of the material for the worktop of your kitchen. Overview of the models and properties of 6 of them.

1# Versatile and easy: the worktop laminate

Often referred to as the best material for a kitchen worktop, laminate flooring is on the rise. Its appeal lies mainly in its wide range of decors, its practicality and its ease of maintenance. Square, rounded, half-moon, it comes in many formats, colors and imitations (wood, stainless steel, marble or concrete). With its waterproof surface, light weight, easy to cut and install, its success is no surprise.

noblessa compact laminate worktops are the result of an innovative process that gives the material a new durability. Indeed, the classic laminate, despite its great versatility and its unbeatable quality/price ratio, suffers from a certain lack of resistance to the trials of everyday life. With its “compact laminate worktops” range, noblessa solves the problem: thermal shocks, stains, knocks or scratches are no longer an obstacle to your culinary exploits. In addition, this laminate model remains thin, offering a wide range of finishes and fits perfectly into modern and timeless kitchens. Finally, it also matches all types of facades, furniture and credenzas.

2# Warm and authentic: the worktopin solid wood

Solid wood seduces with its warmth and natural elegance. It dresses up any type of kitchen with its authenticity and charm, blending beautifully with the materials and colors of the surrounding decor. Very robust, wood is also the best material for an ecological and durable kitchen worktop.

However, solid wood countertops require rigorous maintenance (including an annual waxing). You will hardly be able to erase the imprint of time and daily life on this component. But, after all, these brands will tell your story, and isn’t that their crazy charm?

3# Unbreakable and professional: the worktopin stone

in granite, marble, bluestone or natural stone, brings a touch of professionalism and class to your kitchen. This is the best choice of material for a kitchen worktop if you have the soul of a chef! In fact, professional cooks usually choose granite or marble, in addition to stainless steel, for their work space.

The stone is extremely hard and is not affected by heat , shocks or scratches. In addition to accompanying you for many years, this natural component has the elegance to be maintained with a simple sponge. These
also feature a wide varietý of colors and shades. A custom kitchen designer can even work your countertop into the mass and offer you a high degree of customization of your surface. Note, however, that the price of a worktop in this range is generally higher.

4# Chic and bucolic: the worktopin ceramic

ceramic worktop
made from natural and precious raw materials, is scratch-resistant, acid-resistant, corrosive and heat-resistant. Like tiles, it gives kitchens a timeless charm and suits all types of decor.

In its range of ceramic worktops, noblessa has created the Xtra Ceramic. This patented surface is made of an innovative composite material.
The worktop is made up of a
is composed of a thin layer of solid ceramic and a layer of lightweight recycled glass. Chic but not fragile! Ceramic stands out for its resistance to shocks, scratches and its waterproofness.

If you choose this material for your kitchen worktop, you should know that it comes in several colors, including the very popular matte black. It can also be combined with more natural materials.

5# Natural and elegant: the worktopin quartz

When elegance and naturalnesś meet, it results in the
quartz worktop
. This brilliant compound
enhances kitchens
. It is one of the best materials for a
integrated work surface
to a light and minimalist kitchen. Quartz is not only beautiful and sparkling. It has the advantage of being made of stone powder and resin, thus enjoying the properties of both materials: non-porous, resistant to scratches, blows, thermal variations and stains. In addition, the minimalist language deeply enhances the details. It’s the perfect opportunity to dare to combine colors, materials and finishes in your kitchen and create a very exclusive room.

6# Bright and contemporary: the worktopin glass

Trendy, fascinating by its brilliance and modern design, glass is more aesthetic than practical. It enlarges and brightens your room but has little resistance to heat and knocks. This is why glass is used more for showroom kitchens or mixed with another component. On the other hand, a
glass kitchen worktop is not affected by
remains unaffected by stains and water. Its condition remains pure and noble over the years.

Bonus: mixing materials with 3D Xtra by noblessa

Have you thought about pushing the doors of a
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? No matter what material you choose for your kitchen countertop, you can
we are committed to quality. All our components meet the essential criteria of durability and functionality, while respecting an elegant and refined design.

We go even further by offering you unique and avant-garde
unique and avant-garde signature worktops
. For example, our kitchen designers have created the
3D plan Xtra
. Their decors are distinguished by a particularly pronounced 3D structure. They give an authentic natural stone look, available in plain granite, Terrazzo or grey slate. For more robustness and customization,
3D Xtra worktops combine two materials, including laminate
. They can be of different sizes and colors to give a unique and trendy look to your kitchen.

Classic, modern or daring, as useful, resistant and aesthetic: now you have a clear idea of the best material for your
best material for your kitchen worktop
. Discover now our advice on
finishes, colors and
dimensions of the perfect worktop.