Interior design le Beau Vivre in every room

Interior designle Beau Vivrein every room

noblessa is much more than a kitchen manufacturer at the cutting edge of German technology and precision. Our brand has an advanced vision that is developed through the expertise of our inspired designers and technicians. Today, we’re opening up our expertise and service to your entire interior design.

To start the day, get up on the right foot in your bedroom, prepare school or work stuff, come home in the evening, receive your guests, relax in the living room, take care of yourself in a bath: noblessa is there.

Why pay so much attention to your homeas whole ?

Your home is your most precious possession. It is at the centre of your lives, a haven of well-being and freedom. It is also the scene of a multitude of upheavals, new experiences and encounters. So it’s essential that all your furniture and décor can respond flexibly to the demands of life.

Variable and versatile, our interior design elements offer the best conditions for living in a personalised space. With them, you can easily arrange your rooms and give coherence to the whole of your home. Depending on your habits, your décor, your ideas and your preferences, they adapt to you and give you the comfort and practicality you need.

However, interior design made in noblessa does not exclude the notion of beauty and design. All storage units, furniture and dressing rooms are elegant. Elegance, that’s a nice word. It’s a combination of clean lines, noble materials and good taste, the eternal embodiment of sober chic. So your furnishings are made up of elements capable of giving you aesthetic emotions, a unique and singular pleasure.

Dressing rooms noblessa

Tailor-made dressing rooms

Whether you’re a fashion addict or a modest enthusiast, the dressing room is an essential part of your bedroom’s interior design. At noblessa, we offer custom-made dressing rooms that are spacious, elegant and practical. They complement your space without taking away from it. On each model, you can customise your wardrobes, shelves, drawers and other open or closed niches. You can opt for the finishes of your choice: smart modules, panels on rails, rods, high spaces, etc. When it comes to colours and materials, we have a vast range to choose from, designed to accentuate the overall style of your home Like all your storage, your dressing room will add real style to your bedroom.


Ergonomic spaces

The craze for unique, warm interior design extends to your bathroom.We have high standards when it comes to organisation, moisture resistance and ergonomics, but we’re just as concerned about customisation. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to design and optimise your bathroom according to your own needs and ideas. Dive into our vast range of colours, occasional furniture, splashbacks, wall accessories and base units for bathrooms: you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. You’ll be able to turn your bathroom into a living space where you can start and finish your day with complete peace of mind.

Storage unitsnoblessa

Optimised storage

Storage furniture is there to bring order to your life and make it easier and more beautiful at the same time. These essential elements of your interior design offer – in a personalised and simple way – almost infinite possibilities for creating your living spaces. Materials, colours, sizes, combinations: our intelligent, quality furniture solutions make your everyday life as light as it is seductive. Your imagination is the only limit. From a tailor-made wardrobe to the creation of a mezzanine in the living room, not forgetting the interior design of an attic bedroom or storage space under the stairs, our products fit the shape of your home.

The promise of an interior design bynoblessa

The interior design elements of your home or flat draw their strength from the noblessa kitchens DNA. They follow ethical principles and strong values: diversity, durability, elegance and uncompromising functionality.

At noblessa, each product is unique. The noblessa House stands for individual ambiences of the highest quality. Our storage and furnishing solutions are highly flexible. They take account of your specific needs and local trends, so that we can offer you the very best.

We have a wide range of products: sliding, hinged and folding doors, partitions, interior systems, wardrobes, chests of drawers and furniture of all kinds. There’s a place for them everywhere: in a bedroom, a living room, under a staircase, in an office or a corridor. Each product is available in a range of colours and materials, and can even be fitted with your own designs.

What’s more, you can fit furniture of unusual size and configuration (sloping ceilings, angles, high ceilings and complicated floor plans) and integrate a number of complementary accessories.

SpacesAttractive and timeless,with unlimiyed variety

Performance and finishingguaranteed for 10 to 25 years

A genuine 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee for the entire piece of furniture, complemented by a 25-year guarantee on the hinges.

Our interior design products are manufactured in Bremen and carry the Furniture-Made in Germany label. From the first sketch to the final strength test, they are the result of an exemplary process that is unique to our brand. Each solution and its components must prove their function, finesse and stability.

Because of our high standards, every piece of furniture, dressing room and storage unit designed in our factories has a long service life. This is reflected in our 10- and 25-year warranties..

From the initial design of your project, using our in-house software, to its actual implementation, you benefit from noblessa’s Premium Service This sense of service is embodied in the friendliness and customer satisfaction we’ve been delivering since 1996. It’s thanks to our dedicated and passionate professionals that we can bring any project to life, whether it’s 100% custom-made, a renovation or a new fit-out.

Dedicated professional, expert advicesand followed up at each new stage

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