Care and elegance:custom bathroomsby noblessa

Care and elegance:custom bathroomsby noblessa

Diving into the bath, singing in the shower, grooming, brushing your teeth, primping: the bathroom is at the heart of your life and your intimacy. A noblessa bathroom combines style, atmosphere and practicality. It makes every start and end of the day more enjoyable. We’ve worked hard to design bathrooms that are modular, warm and functional. We offer a wide range of furniture, storage accessories, doors and custom-made splashbacks specially designed for your bathroom.

Quality and custom-made bathromm furniture of bathroom

In the bathroom, the trend towards customised interior design with a personal touch continues.. Your requirements in terms of organisation, storage space and ergonomic design are our priority. hanks to their top-of-the-range criteria, our furniture is perfectly equipped to provide every solution.

noblessa ‘s designers are inspired by different lifestyles and market trends to create elegant, unique pieces. noblessa‘s tailor-made bathroom furniture offers great freedom of configuration and combination. They are a reflection of your individuality and the very best.

Regardless of the construction material or covering, our pedestals are extremely durable. Our invisible, silent Sensys hinges make them even more robust. That’s why your bathroom can even take on the role of a laundry room, and accommodate heavy, built-in appliances.

For a bespoke bathroom that’s welcoming and uncluttered, you’ll love our furniture in natural, relaxing colours. Harmonious and just as soothing is the natural look of oak or warm sand concrete.

Rich in contrasts and yet full of freshness: the walnut-look furniture and the matt alpine white surfaces that match the quartz perfectly. The dark fronts, combined with an oak look, create an ultra-modern, industrial break. By mixing black and white coverings, you can create a sober ambience with fresh accents.

Modules with cool, matt glass fronts create a calm, sophisticated ambience.

Other possible combinations include bathroom furniture in a warm grey tone, which is both urban and cosy, or deep blue, rust and mineral green, which is fashionable and warm.

Last but not least, high-gloss furniture in a bespoke bathroom adds a magnificent touch of sparkle. These are top-of-the-range creations that also give the impression of enlarging the room.

No more chaos and lack of space! A host of practical, well thought-out functions ensure that your customised bathroom is tidy and perfectly organised.

The well thought-out noblessa storage systems turn your bathroom into a real living space.

The various shelves and shelving units, cleverly arranged, offer extraordinary space for everything you need to look after yourself, store your care and hygiene products and your linen. The shelves are available in different widths and heights, as columns or low units. Special details and storage accessories are fully modular and flexible. An example of an elegant and practical solution? The open shelving unit puts all the essentials within easy reach,

Practical and stylish storage of bathroom

You’ll also discover details that are not really details at all, because they enhance your comfort: the cup holder, hairdryer holder, towel rail, hooks, clothes rail and sliding drawer with integrated basket. What’s more, our sliding drawers excel in terms of silent, long-lasting damping.

The modular splashback system opens up new possibilities for an optimised, made-to-measure bathroom. They provide clever, aesthetically pleasing suspended storage.

Enhance and protect bathroomscountertops and splashbacks

The Xtra Ceramic countertop has an impact-resistant design edge, a scratch-resistant surface and is completely waterproof. he elegant look and noble feel of ceramic provide a top-of-the-range finish for your bespoke bathroom. These patented countertops stand out for their natural, high-quality appearance and ease of maintenance. They are accompanied by a splashback mounted on a support plate made from recycled glass. Xtra Ceramic is available in five decors that can be combined with our existing range of colours.

The Xtra countertop stands out for its particularly pronounced 3D surface structure. This exclusive model has an authentic natural stone and wood look. The side panels and splashback panels complete the design options for this uniquely decorated countertop. Xtra is also distinguished by its incredibly resistant, watertight multi-layer structure.

Another option for customising your bathroom is quartz countertops and splashbacks. This natural material captivates with its noble, refined lines and ease of use. This shiny stone is waterproof and particularly hygienic.

A bespoke bathroom made even better: mirrors

Mirrors, whether huge or discreet, are bathroom essentials. At noblessa, we customise them to suit your furniture and lifestyle. These luminous accessories can be enhanced with an elegant, practical wall light.

Bathroom sinks and taps

Integrated into a base unit or recessed, the sink and taps are other key elements of your custom bathroom. noblessa sinks and taps are made from natural materials that respect the environment. The technical properties and durability of our composites are excellent. Our mixer taps are available with handles and in a variety of shapes, to suit the depth of your sink and the size of your furniture.

Design your own custom bathroom in-store with the help of noblessa's expert advisors.

Our furniture is always customised to meet your needs The noblessa experts will be there to advise you, listen to you and give you concrete examples.