Order and style:Dressing roomscustom made noblessa

Order and style:Dressing roomscustom made noblessa

Choosing an outfit for work or for a party, putting on the perfect pair of shoes for hiking in the city or in the country, organizing your favorite shirts, stacking your pants comfortably, taking care of your coats when they hibernate… Intelligent and pragmatica custom-made dressing room noblessa accompanies you on a daily basis and adapts to your interior. Malleable details and flexible storage accessories will make your closet a treasure trove of flexibility.

Customized dressing room andclever

Small or large closet? Angled or full length? With many closets pre-equipped with rods or a minimum of accessories? With shelves that move with your desires and purchases? Do you prefer an open or closed custom-made dressing room? In all cases, we are committed to designing dressing rooms that combine storage space and modernity.

From the master bedroom to the children’s room, from the sloping guest room to the entrance hallway, the modularity of our range of custom dressers allows you to harmonize the style of your interior. Or, on the contrary, to create a style that stands out. All this, while adapting to your space and guaranteeing maximum ergonomics and functionality.

In a bedroom, a noblessa custom dressing room proves your organizational skills with its shelves, pull-outs and practical clothes rails. It can be open and easy to access or closed and more discreet.

In short, our custom closets come in a multitude of models ideal for organizing everyday life.

In order to decide on the measurements and layout of your custom-made dressing room, you will have to take into account your space and your needs. Our noblessa consultants will be there to help you optimize your storage space and estimate the best height and size. As for the depth of each shelf and storage solution, it must take into account the configuration of your room but also the space needed to hang hang hangers and accommodate the drawers.

The doors and the interior of the boxes of a noblessa custom-made dressing room are also highly customizable. Each of these elements that dress up your dressing room, closet or checkroom, is available in different colors, with sliding doors or swinging doors according to your preferences.

Dressing rooms are also available in different colors: alpine white, white, silk gray, stone gray, matte magnolia and black. Alternatively, in solid wood for a light and sober country house look or in glass for an extra touch of elegance. Our fronts, including mirrored ones, can cover all surfaces or be combined with symmetrically mounted strips.

Doors, niches and colorsinfinitely customizable

The sliding door cabinets of a custom-made walk-in closet can be planned individually. Its design elements can be integrated as a wall, floor or half-column solution. Several cabinets with large sliding doors can be connected via a continuous guide rail for surface planning. The rail system is available in black or stainless steel look and can be arranged in a variable width.

Sliding doors excel at optimizing your space, especially if it’s tight.

A decorative element of exclusive form, the swing door is suitable for large rooms or wide corridors. When closed, the swing doors are also discreet. An always elegant and trendy fade.

Intelligent and optimized storage with accessories

The variable shelving system offers a lot of space for your clothes but also for accessories and more specific pieces.
A noblessa custom-made dressing room can be enhanced with directly integrated shoe cabinets. An ingenious idea for your organization. For even more comfort, discover the variable depth shelves for the whole family’s shoes.
A nice extra accessory for your dressing room? A sleek wall mirror! This must-have accessory for a custom-made dressing room allows you to take one last look at your outfit of the day. Placed on a sliding or swinging door, the integrated mirror optimizes your space and enlarges the room.

A brilliant idea: custom dressing room lighting

For even more ambiance, a custom-made dressing room can be equipped with LED lights. The lighting enhances your outfits and allows you to choose your day (or night) wear in a few minutes. In addition to their practicality, LEDs enhance the elegance of your clothes and add a modern touch to your custom-made wardrobe.

A custom-made dressing room with the help of noblessa's expert consultants

Our furniture is always combined in a personalized way so that it best meets your needs. To achieve this, the noblessa experts will be there with their advice and their listening.


In order to offer you practical, design dressings, which bend to your desires and to your sense of organization, noblessa has surrounded itself with the best designers.