Organising beautifully:storage unitsby noblessa

Organising beautifully:storage unitsby noblessa

Customised furniture is essential for organising every cupboard and bringing order to a house or flat.. At noblessa, you’ll find a multitude of choices and possibilities. Materials, colours, dimensions: our intelligent solutions for interior design and storage add even more quality to your life.

Our spaces for tidying, filing and organising are made to the millimetre. No corner is too small for our expert interior designers. Even the underside of a staircase or corners are cleverly exploited. Unusually high shelves, designer under-shelf units, decorative bookcases, cupboard layouts, the creation of a workspace, tailor-made storage columns, closed units or open niches: we take on every interior design challenge.

Discreet and stylish closed furniture

noblessa customised storage furniture makes it easy to organise your bedroom, dressing room, living room, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and even the hallway. All in keeping with the style of your home and creating the atmosphere you want. All along the line, our colour and material concepts reflect our quest for naturalness, while creating a modern ambience.

Our customised closed furniture offers limitless possibilities for arranging and enhancing your rooms. Their coverings can take on any appearance, from the most contemporary to the most rustic. It’s the perfect opportunity to dare surprising and aesthetic combinations of matt and shiny colours mixed with wood or glass doors. It’s also an opportunity to go all out with sets that create a warm, captivating atmosphere. For example, with our ultra-modern concrete-look shelves, available in warm, light shades that combine an urban look with a soothing ambience.

More discreet, our sliding drawers contain modular wooden compartments to organise your crockery independently, according to your needs.

To close our custom-made storage units, you have a choice. Firstly, sliding doors, which are excellent at optimising surface area and elegant lines. Then there’s the flip-up door, which hides your items while providing easy access. This type of cupboard offers a quiet, top-of-the-range look, ideal for tall units. Finally, there are the timeless sliding units or folding doors that combine style, practicality and durability.

Open furniture creates an atmosphere of openness and well-being. They showcase your favourite objects and give your kitchen, living room, dressing room, office, bathroom or other space a workshop feel. This custom-made storage furniture is a treasure trove of flexibility. Not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of configuration.

At noblessa, they come in a multitude of particularly harmonious colours, matt or lacquered. They can also be inspired by nature, with an oak or natural stone finish.

Decorative and practical open furniture

Openwork shelving is one of our custom-made, open-plan pieces of furniture that lets the light in while preserving the privacy of the room. The screen wall structures and decorates the space. The laminated wood niches provide a beautiful showcase for your decor. The storage niche, with its light lighting, is both pretty and clever.

Entirely dedicated to your organisationthe laundry room

The modern version of the laundry room will win you over with its practical layout and intelligent customised storage.

The noblessa laundry rooms feature clever details such as a folding tumble dryer, a wardrobe with a clothes rail and a range of shelves inside, and a practical pass-through door that gives the illusion of a wardrobe.

The pantry, whose front can be finished in a variety of materials and finishes, blends in perfectly with the utility room. This practical cupboard is ideal for storing fruit and vegetables bought at the market or freshly baked bread.

Laundry room with built-in furniture

For even more space in your utility room, consider built-in furniture. This custom-made storage, built in under a countertop or in a tall cupboard, lets you make the most of every square metre of your bespoke storage space. And don’t forget the units with built-in water points and washing facilities. There’s nothing cleverer than a sink within easy reach where you do your washing or, better still, a washing machine or tumble dryer that’s literally part of the walls.

Laundry accessories

Make your laundry room easier to organise with accessories for storing an ironing board, cleaning materials, hoover and all kinds of bulky household appliances. Enhance the room with drying racks, hooks, wardrobes, drawers with built-in laundry baskets, etc. All these details simplify interior storage and keep your cupboards tidy.

Create your custom-made storage units in store with the help of noblessa's expert

Our furniture is always customised to meet your needs. The noblessa experts will be there to advise you, listen to you and give you concrete examples.