Thekitchenaccording to noblessa

Thekitchenaccording to noblessa

noblessa, kitchen and interior designer since 1996, continues the tradition of beauty, French elegance and German expertise, while adapting to consumer demands. Our brand offers you the opportunity to design your future bespoke kitchen One that matches the lines of your imagination and your interiors.

Design yourown custom kitchen

A noblessa custom kitchen is much more than a room designed to meet functional requirements. Not only is it a place for cooking, it’s also a place where people live, meet, talk, share, have fun and sometimes even work The kitchen is at the heart of the home and of our lives That’s why noblessa can design a unique kitchen to suit your lifestyle, your daily life and your vision.

Several layouts are possible: kitchen with island, U-shaped, in corner, stretched along your wall. In terms of style, noblessa‘s rigour and elegance can be adapted to suit your needs: contemporary, design, modern or vintage.

We’ll create a fitted kitchen just like you’ve always dreamed of. And how do we do that? Thanks to professionals who put their experience, passion and aspiration at thedisposal of your project every day. But also by listening carefully to your aspirations. You are at the very core. noblessa identifies and takes care of your needs, your requirements, your constraints and accompanies you from the first sketch of your custom-made kitchen… to your first dish on the stove Inspiration, environment, location, fitting, storage, furniture, colours, style, design, ergonomics, equipment… Every aspect of your kitchen project counts.

A kitchen... made for you

The equipmentnoblessa

Cutting, cooking, washing, storing, refrigerating, lighting: there are so many simple things you do every day in a kitchen That’s why the equipment and details, which aren’t really details at all, are the cornerstones of a custom- made kitchen that’s functional and pleasant to live in At noblessa, we create countertops, splashbacks, lighting systems and handles to match the style of your kitchen We also offer a wide range of cooking, washing, preservation and storage equipment.

Create your project in 5 steps

Make no mistake, elegance is not about luxury or wealth. It’s about attitude. Our kitchens are graceful, light and harmonious, hidden down to the smallest detail.

noblessa is distinguished by the depth of its range, each piece of which bears witness to a rare elegance and aestheticism. Our Le Beau Vivre vision is partly learned and partly cultivated. Our vision combines bold lines, constant delicacy and timeless concepts of beauty. To suit everyone’s taste, our ranges are designed in a wide range of colours, with surfaces ranging from soft matt to high-gloss, and in refined materials such as glass, wood and natural stone.

Finishes & layoutsaccording to noblessa

noblessa'squalities and requirements

A noblessa tailor- made kitchen draws its strength from the high standards of our brand. To guarantee the very best, we bring together the very best that Germany has to offer. Our premium custom kitchens are developed, designed and manufactured in the cradle of the kitchen industry, in Westphalia, in modern, cutting-edge production facilities. The noblessa designers, who love a job well done, adhere to meticulous specifications and the most stringent standards on the market. Every time you open a door, close a drawer or touch one of our surfaces, you’ll experience materials of exceptional finesse and quality.

A noblessa customised kitchen undergoes extensive testing, both in-house and by independent laboratories. Numerous internationally recognised quality labels and certificates attest to our commitment to excellence, in line with the principle of sustainability, where economic success, ecological tolerance and social justice all make sense.