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Metro Kitchenclassic-chicand robust

The Métro kitchen is a harmonious blend of classic chic and modern style. With its spirit of yesteryear, this kitchen offers an elegant and warm country atmosphere. The central space is perfect for hosting a large family table and bringing people together. This noblessa model with its period accents is available in silk grey. This warm colour can be enhanced with mirrored doors and shutters, for a more cottage feel, or brushed handles for a tougher look. There’s plenty of storage space, and the optional tinted windows have the elegance to conceal the interior of the cupboards with a touch of refinement. What’s special about the upholstery? A solid wood construction that excels in terms of robustness.


A massive kitchen that lasts

The Metro kitchen embodies the modern style of a well-equipped country house, with its cast-iron handles, straight-lined glass doors, innovative lighting and high-level countertop units. If this new, no-frills habitat is beautiful. It also stands out for its sturdiness. The strength and depth of authentic solid wood make the Metro kitchen an example of longevity.

Elegant storage

To optimize space and maintain the room's elegance, Noblessa offers storage space by creating credenza shelves on the worktop. The Metro kitchen gains in storage and decorative space. This space-saving feature is further enhanced by the fact that your crockery is freely accessible, making this kitchen even more practical. What's more, these shelves feature integrated lights that complete their elegance down to the smallest detail.

Chic details

Natural stone worktops have always been synonymous with luxurious interiors. Solid wood adds a touch of elegance and durability by its very presence. The glass roof provides natural light and a view of the outside. Refinement is also to be found in the most subtle details, such as the bar handles that emphasize the lines of the front frame.

Metro, a fully customisable kitchen in store

Although the Métro kitchen is only available in silk grey solid wood, its details and finishes remain true to noblessa: highly customisable. Play around with the handles and glass elements, for example.

We all want a kitchen tha’s personal, unique and to our taste. In addition to the high degree of customisation of our kitchens in terms of materials, finishes and colours, noblessa provides a wide range of accessories This wide range of equipment will enable you to finalise your project and bring it to life in a unique way. Practical and functional, the equipment also enhances the design of your kitchen. At noblessa, they come in a multitude of particularly harmonious colours, matt or lacquered. They can also be inspired by nature, with an oak or natural stone decor.

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