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Esprit kitcheninnovativeand connected

With the Esprit model, discover a brilliant timeless style enriched by the very best in technology. Its intelligent equipment is arranged intuitively, within an open, refined space to help you experience the new generation kitchen by noblessa. The high level of innovation and connectivity simplifies your life while its elegance seduces you. Appliances become trend-setting everyday assistants. Every morning, you can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, or check your shopping on your smartphone, thanks to applications connected to your fridge.


Cutting-edge storage

Back light shelves reinforce the industrial, avant-garde spirit of this kitchen, adding finesse and purity. Smoked glass, meanwhile, lets you showcase your own unique style, while magnifying your most beautiful objects with integrated lighting. The structure of the storage unit lends a real visual lightness to the whole.

Details 3.0

The avant-garde, high-tech Esprit kitchen is equipped with the latest tools. The cloud hood, in perfect harmony with the space, enhances the architecture of the room and blends into the kitchen wall. The gilded glass credenza glides harmoniously over the worktop, creating continuity of material and extra luminosity. A state-of-the-art self-contained induction hob and sockets with speaker, USB charger and Bluetooth connection complete this futuristic layout.

An elegant mirror effect

The glass credenza, in continuity with the worktop finish, offers an elegant mirror-like effect. Lacquered fronts complete the genius of this technological kitchen. This high-gloss coating provides a sophisticated, high-end finish.

Esprit , a fully customisable kitchen in store

With a wide choice of glossy colours, noblessa lets you personalise your Esprit kitchen. The fronts are available in slate grey, silk grey, white, alpine white and magnolia.

We all want a kitchen tha’s personal, unique and to our taste. In addition to the high degree of customisation of our kitchens in terms of materials, finishes and colours, noblessa provides a wide range of accessories. This wide range of equipment will enable you to finalise your project and bring it to life in a unique way. Practical and functional, the equipment also enhances the design of your kitchen. At noblessa, they come in a multitude of particularly harmonious colours, matt or lacquered. They can also be inspired by nature, with an oak or natural stone decor.

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