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Finish:Brushed steel

Iconic kitchenraw, elegantand shiny

The Iconic stainless steel kitchen takes up the codes of industrial design. This model is evocative of creativity, with a mix of materials and atypical decoration. It has a loft feel with a very New York feel. The raw materials, wood and metal, are highlighted by sharp, precise lines. These are softened by lighting that emphasises the volumes. What’s more, the many illuminated shelves enhance the decoration and design. This kitchen with a strong character features a functional island with table, sink and preparation area. The snack bar is an invitation to get together and share.


Brushed or polished stainless steel

If stainless steel kitchens appeal to professional chefs and artists alike, it's because of steel's inalterable appearance. In your home, stainless steel not only withstands all temperatures, shocks and water, it also adds an incomparable design touch. At noblessa, you can choose between brushed stainless steel, which catches the light and is particularly well-suited to full cabinetry, or polished, shimmering stainless steel, which adds dazzling touches to industrial, hyper-modern or rustic wood kitchens.


A double set of worktops

The double worktop creates a play of materials, sizes and colors to better balance the spaces inside your kitchen. It also adds life to your stainless-steel kitchen, providing additional space for conviviality, work or preparation. Everything is down to the gram. This is the kitchen of a meticulous architect, combining the useful with the pleasurable, precision with glibness.

Light that softens the atmosphere

The softness of the kitchen lighting meets the brutalism of the steel. With Iconic, your decorative items and utensils are elegantly presented thanks to discreet shelf lighting. The light comes in small touches, adding elegance to your stainless steel kitchen with its discreet sparkle.

Iconi , a fully customisable kitchen in store

You’ll also be seduced by the various Iconic kitchen accessories. Add glass fronts with clear glass segments and stainless steel or black metal handles. Play with a double countertop that stands out thanks to the wide choice of noblessa materials.

We all want a personal, singular and tasteful cuisine. As well as offering a high degree of customisation in terms of materials, finishes and colours, noblessa also offers a wide range of accessories. This wide range of equipment will enable you to finalise your project and bring it to life in a unique way. Practical and functional, the equipment also enhances the design of your kitchen. At noblessa, they come in a multitude of particularly harmonious colours, matt or lacquered. They can also be inspired by nature, with an oak or natural stone decor.

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