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Cuisine Passionbright, clearand elegant

The Passion kitchen: a noblessa kitchen that’s functional, seductive and refined. A successful blend of elegance and play of light thanks to the harmonious combination of clean lines and high-gloss lacquered fronts. The kitchen island, with its work area and recessed dining area, has been designed in two stages, adding to the impression of lightness. The mix of materials in this lacquered kitchen adds richness and softness. Here, the silk grey painted fronts contrast here and there with a Gladstone oak decor and a ceramic countertop. The overall effect is refined, minimalist and welcoming.


Well-thought-out storage space for more lightness

Equipped with a downward-opening bar flap, the Passion lacquered kitchen's suspended half-column provides safe storage for glasses and bottles. Airy, it blends discreetly into the space and gives easy access to the various elements for preparing a drink for your guests.

The art of detail

Practical drawers and pull-outs provide ample storage space. High-quality wooden interior organization systems keep things simple and tidy. Integrated lighting completes the picture. Every element is visible at a glance.

Hidden greatness

Behind the lacquered fronts lies a concentration of good ideas. The Cargo wardrobe offers a wealth of storage options, allowing you to organize your space as you see fit with clever, individual solutions. Access is easy and harmony preserved.

Passion, a fully customisable kitchen in store

To make the Passion kitchen your own, you’re free to choose another colour, such as white, alpine white, magnolia, fine sand or slate grey. Or opt for handleless fronts or a sensational matt lacquer finish.

We all want a kitchen that’s personal, unique and to our taste. In addition to the high degree of customisation of our kitchens in terms of materials, finishes and colours, noblessa provides a wide range of accessories This wide range of equipment will enable you to finalise your project and bring it to life in a unique way. Practical and functional, the equipment also enhances the design of your kitchen. At noblessa, they come in a multitude of particularly harmonious colours, matt or lacquered. They can also be inspired by nature, with an oak or natural stone decor.

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