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Viva Kitchenurban, natureand functional

Highly functional and bright, the Viva kitchen puts your living comfort first. Its uncluttered space offers you an island with plenty of storage space. In addition, the extension of the latter allows for the integration of a practical and convivial dining area. Particularly suited to open kitchens, Viva offers a generous and versatile space. Its well thought-out layout by noblessa experts allows you to work in the heart of the house, chat for long hours while keeping an eye on a simmering dish and even display your decor. This kitchen has a contemporary and modern look that is particularly suited to urban spaces.

Viva, a fully customizable kitchen in store

Let yourself be seduced by all the mineral, soft and warm colors of the Viva kitchen. Combine materials and coverings to make your noblessa urban and functional kitchen a true showcase of light and naturalness.

We all want a personal, singular and tasteful cuisine. In addition to the high degree of customization of the kitchens in terms of materials, finishes and colors, noblessa offers many accessories. This wide range of equipment will allow you to finalize your project and bring it to life in a unique way. Practical and functional, the equipment also reinforces the design of your kitchen. At noblessa, they are available in a multitude of particularly harmonious colors, matte or lacquered. Their manufacture can also be inspired by nature with an oak or natural stone decor.

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