The equipmentkitchenat noblessa

The equipmentkitchennoblessa

Creativity, performance, and connectivity, noblessa kitchen equipment facilitates and magnifies the daily life of professional and amateur cooks. They are redoubling their innovation to multiply experiences, improve performance and simplify your meals. More than just appliances, our equipment also has a refined design that blends perfectly into your kitchen and enhances its charm.

Elegant, durable and efficientthe equipmentnoblessa kitchen

Cindy Schmitt, Purchasing Manager

We put all our expertise and knowledge to meet the requirements of our customers and thus best equip our kitchens noblessa.

“With noblessa, your kitchen is composed of practical, clever and innovative elements for cooking, baking, washing, storing and even living. Our functional and ergonomic equipment is also designed to give you aesthetic emotions, a unique and singular pleasure. We put all our expertise and knowledge to meet the requirements of our customers and, thus, to best equip the noblessa kitchens. We combine quality and functionality in a modern design language, allowing us to offer inspiring and effective equipment over the long term.”

Work plans

Because most of the time spent in your kitchen is spent preparing meals, the worktop is the most stressed surface in your kitchen. Ours are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear while embodying the elegance that noblessa stands for. Discover all our worktops.


Nothing like a noblessa credenza to complete the style of your kitchen. Located between your work surface and your wall units, it is both a wall and decorative protection as well as a storage for your utensils and dishes. Find the perfect transition from our customizable credenzas.


Half of the tasks performed in the kitchen involve washing your utensils and equipment. It is therefore essential to choose your accessories well: premium quality, careful finishing and durability must be at the rendez-vous. Discover the noblessa line of dishwashers, sinks and faucets.


The noblessa technologies dedicated to cooking are essential, designed, functional and aesthetic and are available in a multitude of references. Our products blend elegantly into your kitchen and naturally enhance its style. Discover our range of ovens, microwaves, cooktops and hoods.

Are you inspired by our premium kitchens?

Visit your nearest noblessa store.
Our expert kitchen designers will understand your vision, your needs and reconcile them with their expertise.


The noble kitchens are bathed in light. In addition to providing visual comfort while preparing a meal, lighting fixtures enhance your kitchen and create a unique atmosphere in this living space. Discover the noblessa lighting solutions.


At noblessa, we have an eye for detail. More than just a functional accessory, the handle has become a design element that can make all the difference. This aesthetic and practical choice can transform your kitchen and its accessibility. Enter the ideal handle system.


The ideal refrigerator, coupled or not with a freezer, adapts to the size of your family, your consumption habits and the design of your kitchen. If the fridge preserves and takes care of your food, a wine cellar cherishes your wines and other spirits. Discover the noblessa refrigerators and wine cellars.


Clever, accessible, modular and design, noblessa storage solutions allow you to store your kitchen accessories and food products. We design custom storage units to match your kitchen style and organization. Discover our pantries and pantry equipment.


In order to offer you the latest technologies, equipment and appliances for cooking, washing, preserving and personalizing, noblessa has surrounded itself with the best designers.

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