Preserving food and beverages, both their flavor and their nutrients, is essential. For maximum efficiency and minimum food waste while respecting the style of your kitchen, opt for noblessa preservation appliances. Our fridges and wine cellars adapt to your needs and respect the look of your rooms.

Intelligent, multi-door, free-standing or built-in, noblessa offers a wide range of refrigerators. The ideal refrigerator preserves your food, adapts to the size of your family, your consumption habits and the design of your kitchen. Between the single door, the combined with a freezer part or the American model with a fresh water dispenser, our noblessa experts will help you make an informed choice.

An essential accessory for lovers of fine wines, our selection of noblessa wine cellars will fit harmoniously into your kitchen. Built-in and equipped with numerous accessories, you just have to choose yours according to your consumption habits and the vintages you keep preciously.

The conservation of wine is essential for the amateurs of precious nectars. But which model to choose among the three proposed by noblessa? The serving cellar allows you to prepare your bottles for tasting by bringing them to their ideal temperature. The conservation cellar is appropriate if you wish to preserve bottles in the short term while keeping their qualities and their flavor. The multi-temperature wine cellar offers you the double function of service cellar and conservation cellar.

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