There’s nothing like a credenza to complete the look of your kitchen. Custom or standard, tone on tone or contrasted, your noblessa credenza will fit 100% to your needs. In addition to its decorative aspect, it is also a wall protection and a storage place for your utensils and dishes.

The fundamental role ofcredenzas

For noblessaThe credenza is an aesthetic statement. Its dressing has a great stylistic importance. With our range of materials, choose a personalized credenza and create a harmonious transition between the elements of your kitchen. However, the credenza does not only have an aesthetic function. It also protects your walls from splashes and grease deposits. Made of glass, stainless steel, laminate, resin or any other material, it is waterproof and prevents water and grease stains from becoming embedded in the wall paint. It can extend the worktop by staying in the same tones and coatings or by playing with contrasts to give character to your kitchen.
At noblessa, the credenza coverings range from glass to quartz, including lacquer, stainless steel and wood decor.

The exclusive noblessa modular credenza bar system now offers endless possibilities. Versatile, individual credenza bars that combine storage space and design allow you to hang and unhang your utensils in no time. In addition to its practical functions, this modular system provides a hyper-modern touch.
The noblessa modular wall credenza can be equipped with magnetic rails on which spice jars, knives or other aluminum accessories can be magnetized. This way, everything is at hand. Another possibility for easy storage: the credenza bar from which to hang utensils. The addition of shelves on your credenza allows you to gain even more storage space. Functional and beautiful, they complete the personalization of your kitchen.
To complete the credenza of a kitchen, nothing is more important and effective than a worktop of premium quality noblessa.

Bars and shelves ofcredenza

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