Thelightingnoblessa kitchen

Thelightingnoblessa kitchen

The noble kitchens are bathed in light. In addition to providing visual comfort while preparing dinner, the lighting fixtures also help to enhance the furniture and create an ambiance in this living space. Our consultants have mastered the art of lighting and will inspire you with lighting solutions for your kitchen.

Kitchen lightingbeautiful and functional

Different light sources. A set of wall lights to diffuse a subdued light, a modern chandelier, a decorative suspension to liven up the dining area, lighting integrated into the kitchen elements, light bars to reveal the credenza or warm up the work surface. With noblessa, there are a thousand and one ways to illuminate your kitchen. The secret of successful lighting? Multiply the light sources by varying the effects. With the expertise of our consultants, create the most functional and pleasant atmosphere possible.

Efficient and functional lighting. Kitchen lighting should be evenly lit so as not to distort the color of the food. It should also avoid creating shadowy areas on the worktop. Strategic areas such as the sink, cooking plates and storage units should be given special treatment with a higher intensity of light. Placed under your high cupboards, embedded in the ceiling or above a bar, within the drawer units, the noblessa spotlights ensure this role well. In the cabinets, the illuminated glass bottoms are doubly practical. The system of illuminated credenza bars proves to be both a useful and aesthetic accessory for order and a pleasant light atmosphere.

A sublimated kitchen, a wellness area. Not too cold, not too cozy! For noblessa, kitchen lighting must strike the right balance between functionality, living comfort and aesthetics. By mastering the play of light and shadow, the flow of light and the color temperature, it is possible to magnify the shelves, to create a soft or invigorating atmosphere, to sculpt the volumes of the furniture. A well-lit kitchen is even more beautiful.

Radiant enthusiasm: anything is possible with noblessa LED lighting. Thanks to its ingenious placement, it provides direct or indirect lighting, creates accents or highlights shelves and cabinets. Lighting for every moment of the day: functional or designed to create atmosphere.

The wall units with integrated LED light strips provide uniform, glare-free illumination of the work surface. A LED light strip can be factory installed to complement the finishing touches of your noblessa kitchen. For cabinets planned without a handle, the handle profile can also be equipped with an LED light strip.

The choice of LED for lighting of your kitchen

The wall units with integrated LED lighting can be used in both the bottom and top shelves, and even in the top shelves of display cases. In some noblessa kitchen ranges, the upper handle profile of the base units can also be illuminated to create an attractive atmosphere.

The bottoms of open shelves can also be equipped with LED strip lights, upon request. This way, you can punctuate the kitchen with personalized touches of light.

Complete with a 4-channel Emotion radio remote control, our noblessa kitchen lighting system allows you to create a complete lighting ambiance.

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