Noble storage spaces make life in your home easier and more beautiful. Our furnishing elements offer almost infinite possibilities for individual kitchen design in a simple and individual way.

The best kitchen storage units create ideal conditions for a practical and aesthetic room. Strictly modern or the warmest, the shelves, niches, drawers noblessa dress all kinds of materials and finishes. They can be placed at different heights to serve you in the best way.

Niches andshelves

All kitchens need space for the storage of accessories, utensils and dry goods. noblessa meets this need, even for small surfaces.

We offer elements at different heights to optimize your space. Our niches and shelves can be combined with various types of elements to offer flexible comfort. Discover for example the noblessa mid-rise elements, which are modular, in order to offer you a creative and customized solution. Discover also our wall units with flaps or folding lift doors that give a great view and easy access.

Cleverly positioned shelves with convenient holders keep everything within reach. Add to that numerous outlets and charging points and you can cook and bake with the greatest of pleasure.

The modular shelving systems, very trendy at noblessa, can be integrated with flexibility in your kitchen (but also in your bathroom, dressing room or laundry room). The system also includes glass shelves, wood pedestals and many other closet elements. The whole can be arranged in fully customized dimensions.

Not forgetting the traditional noble corner furniturea that optimizes every corner or the column shelves that offer a multitude of clever storage.

Finally, niches and open shelves create beautiful accents depending on the layout of your noblessa kitchen and the configuration of your arrangements.

One thing is certain, at noblessa, we are committed to combining practicality and aesthetics with details that breathe creativity and enhance the ambiance of your room. That’s why we spend time perfecting our drawers.

A well-equipped kitchen in terms of drawers makes daily life much easier. Simply reach in and pull out your utensils to make your favorite recipes, set the table or put away the dishwasher.

To help you optimize your space, our noblessa experts offer clever drawers that are always stylish and rich.

Once you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to live without a perfect pull-out drawer to store everything you like to have on hand. Pull-out units with interior drawers and removable baskets also make storage easier.

Pull-out units with drawer and pull-out panels give character to your noblessa kitchen. Made of solid oak, the drawer gives a light and sober country house look. Equipped with glass sides, it lets you see their contents at first glance. Matte or glossy, black or white, it blends in with a sophisticated, industrial or retro chic kitchen.

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noblessa offers you a collection of durable, custom-made kitchens, made of modern lines and built with the best materials.