Countertops have to meet all kinds of needs. What’s more, they are an important decorative element in your kitchen. noblessa offers a range of countertops that differ both aesthetically and practically, so that you can customise your space. Thanks to our wide range of materials, finishes and colours, your worktop will create a striking stylistic effect in your room. Thanks to our hygienic, easy-care surfaces, it also stands up to daily use and retains its impeccable appearance.

The countertops100% made to measure

Because the countertop is central, individuality is everything. Thickness, depth, height, material, colour, design… There are many factors to consider when choosing the countertop on which you will spend 60% of your time in the kitchen. At noblessa, quality comes in all sizes to produce fascinating contrasts and match every kitchen.

Laminate countertops, whether compact or not, are particularly popular. Resistant, practical and easy to maintain, the noblessa laminate countertop is one of the most robust on the market. All colours are possible, from white to black and all shades of light and dark. Very thin, the laminate wood countertop blends elegantly into any type of kitchen: industrial, sophisticated, rustic, matt or high-gloss lacquer.

The essential countertoplaminate

The noblessa countertop in oak or walnut has a warm, natural elegance. Made to measure as we offer it, it suits all kitchen ranges, even the most contemporary. Of course, all wooden furniture is particularly suited to a country-style décor that puts conviviality back at the heart of the kitchen. This solid, rustic material also has the advantage of being environmentally friendly and durable.

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so many good reasons to come to a noblessa shop to discover the ideal countertop for your kitchen.

A noblessa countertop in granite, bluestone, natural stone, quartz or marble adds a touch of class to any kitchen. This extremely hard-wearing material is resistant to heat, knocks and scratches. Natural stone will be with you for years to come, and has the elegance of not absorbing stains or moisture.

The timelessnessnatural stone

The extremely chicceramic

Ceramic countertops are a real asset for those who love quality and natural looks. noblessa ceramic countertops are perfectly stable and watertight, with impact and scratch-resistant designer edges. Our Xtra Ceramic countertop is made from an innovative composite material.You’ll also find it positioned under a light layer of recycled glass. Ceramic gives your kitchen a timeless charm and a range of colours to suit your taste.

The noblessa compact countertop stands out for its particularly pronounced 3D surface structure. hese exclusive products create an authentic natural stone look, available in plain granite, Terrazzo or grey slate. The countertop is made up of several layers, including a laminate surface that reinforces its overall robustness The noblessa compact countertop decors are also available in a 16 mm thick Slim Line version.

The inimitable countertopcompact noblessa

The ideaskitchensnoblessa

noblessa offers you a collection of durable, made-to-measure kitchens with modern lines and built with the finest materials.