The implementation of yourkitchennoblessa

The implementationof your kitchennoblessa

A noblessa German high end kitchen follows the shapes of your interior, adjusts to your tastes and habits in your home. We offer you a custom-made kitchen layout, reconcilable with the technical constraints of your room and your needs. Do you want a purely functional kitchen or one that is a central element of your decor? Do you need lots of storage for your appliances and utensils? Do you like to cook your meals in the middle of your guests or in a closed kitchen?

Following these elements, the experts in kitchen design and layout will work with you to design a kitchen that will allow you to juggle all your needs. A large kitchen with an island or even a central island in a small kitchen for maximum conviviality? A U-shaped kitchen with multiple functions? A parallel kitchen for an XXL worktop, an L-shaped kitchen for optimized circulation or a long kitchen to fit in a small room?

Your noblessa consultant conducts a 360° study of your project and the ideal layout for your kitchen. The plans imagined for your kitchen and the advice given remain customizable and implemented on a case-by-case basis. This way you can give your German quality kitchen the look of your dreams: contemporary or rustic kitchen, Nordic style wooden kitchen, modern design kitchen, retro chic kitchen or industrial kitchen.

Clever, compact, always elegant:the little kitchens

Designing a small kitchen has never been easier. From small kitchens with central islands to small linear kitchens, our custom expertise fits perfectly in a small space. With a bit of cleverness, practical ideas and the right choice of kitchen layout, you can be a star chef in less than 10m2. Longitudinal kitchens, known as I-shaped kitchens, and parallel kitchens are perfectly suited to the layout of a small kitchen. The former are easy to install and discreet. The latter limit displacements, facilitate the triangle of activity (cooking, washing, storing) while offering a superior surface dedicated to cooking and storage.

Large kitchens, both open and closed, offer many advantages. Spread over more than 15m2, they are more than just a room dedicated to meal design, cooking, washing and storage. These spaces are real living spaces where you can eat, express your ideas and have experiences. Open, they lend themselves particularly well to the installation of a central island, both user-friendly and design. An L-shaped kitchen or a U-shaped kitchen, ideally designed to respect the activity triangle and equipped with a nice work surface, are also preferred. If your large kitchen is closed, a linear kitchen layout will provide you with ergonomics and a beautiful space that you will appreciate every day.

To serve all your desires:the great kitchens

User-friendly and infinitely creativeopen kitchens

The implementation of an open kitchen, on average between 10m2 and 15m2 or more, opens the field of possibilities. The challenge here is to make your space both user-friendly and well-integrated with the surrounding decor. Break down the walls and get closer. An open kitchen is a place to meet, to exchange, which faces the heart of your home. I-beam or hallway kitchens extend a full-length open kitchen. They are forgotten in a kitchen open to a living room or a lounge. U-shaped kitchens and L-shaped kitchens also suit open kitchens while facilitating movement and activity. The G-shaped kitchen, an extension of the U-shaped kitchen, makes sense in an open kitchen. The return creates a friendly space and a beautiful impression of space.

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