Set upa greatkitchen

Set upa greatkitchen

Designing a large noblessa kitchen is a major project but also a real pleasure. In a house, large rooms are particularly pleasant to live in. They leave room for any type of decoration and individual interpretation. In a spacious kitchen, circulation is easy, as is eating with the family or getting together with guests. However, the XXL kitchen should not turn into a labyrinth and the style should remain consistent in each area. noblessa kitchens meet the special needs and requirements of large open or closed kitchens.

How to make the most of space a large kitchen

Open or closed, thelarge noblessa kitchen surfaces are suitable for any type of installation. However, L-shaped kitchens or U-shaped kitchens are ideal for meeting the activity triangle rule. Especially when it is a large open kitchen. Despite the size of the room, the three poles for cooking, storing and washing remain within easy reach. With these layouts, the sink, cooking appliances, refrigerator, countertop and storage remain accessible and strategically located.

If the configuration of your kitchen does not allow for an L or U layout, the linear or lengthwise (called I) shape with a central island is ideal to structure the space. In the same way, the triangle of activities is respected. Speaking of center islands, it’s time to introduce the undisputed stars of large open kitchens: bars and noblessa center islands. These versatile pieces of furniture are king when it comes to furnishing a large kitchen and elegantly filling the space.
This furniture creates a subtle and frank link with the living room. They offer the most user-friendly surface for preparation, decoration and even tasting. They are the ultimate multi-taskers.

To create a large, closed kitchen, why not integrate a dining area with a generous table directly in the heart of the room? A warm place to live guaranteed! In any case, always lean towards a layout that respects the rule of the triangle of activities and the ergonomics of your kitchen. Our noblessa consultants are here to help you.

Use colors, materials and finishes to structure your room. Play on atmospheres with slight contrasts – but always homogeneous – to separate the zones.

Here, the style of your noblessa kitchen is limited only by your imagination. A large kitchen lends itself to industrial, contemporary, hyper-modern, sophisticated, Nordic, natural, sober and bright styles. If you like the matte look and dark colors, now is the time to indulge yourself! These light-absorbing coatings will not shrink your room. However, by playing with white and light colors, mixed with natural materials such as wood or light concrete, you can further increase the impression of light and the effect of enlargement of the room.

In order to occupy the space of a large room, bet on the space in height. Furniture in tall units and shelves in noblessa columns inhabit the space, from floor to deep, in a design and functional way. Outfitting your large kitchen with hanging lights that fill the void and open niches hung on a wall is another clever possibility.

Finally, in order to camouflage empty spaces, color counts. Dapper kitchen equipment can help you boost the look of your space. A touch of color on the credenza, the fridge, the worktop, the furniture and your large kitchen gains in warmth.

Another tip to arrange your large kitchen noblessa: multiply the electrical outlets. This will allow you to disperse the installation of your appliances to balance the space. The noblessa kitchen worktops and credenzas can be equipped with built-in electrical outlets on request.

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