Designingan openkitchen

Designingan openkitchen

An open kitchen is a sure bet, an incomparable guarantee of conviviality. The noblessa open kitchen breaks down boundaries and brings everyone in a house or flat together. It is at the heart of the home, usually adjoining the lounge, living room or dining room. While the absence of walls gives it unparalleled charm and luminosity, the open-plan kitchen plays a central role in the overall look and feel of your home. Its layout and storage must be perfectly thought out. Our predefined open kitchen sets will help you to imagine your space in the best possible way. hen all you have to do is complete your layout with modules to your own dimensions, furniture with designs to suit your tastes and a unique decor. Here are some tips and advice on how to design your noblessa open kitchen.

Open-plan kitchens: how can you make the most of thisconvivial space?

Choosing the right layout for your open-plan kitchen, also known as an American-style kitchen, is the first step to successfully designing a room that’s both elegant and fit for everyday life. Beautiful and intelligent, a U-shaped or L-shaped layout is perfect for large open kitchens. At noblessa, this layout is not just a matter of design. It helps to respect the functional triangle: cooking, baking and washing. This is also the case with an I-shaped or parallel open kitchen in a medium-sized room.

he big winners in noblessa open-plan kitchens? Central islands! A kitchen island gives structure to the room and offers practical advantages: optimum organisation of storage space on both sides and, naturally, shorter distances to travel. All in all, a real relief for kitchen work. When you have guests, the kitchen island becomes a convivial meeting point and a table for aperitifs!
However, if you have a small, open kitchen, prefer the bar to the central island The bar is the other trendy feature in American kitchens. It provides an illusory partition that visually separates the kitchen from the living or dining room. This gentle transition is full of practicality and conviviality: it’s the place to tidy up, organise, prepare and chat for long hours.

A great idea? The hyper-modern glass roof that sets the scene for your room and meal preparation while acting as a semi-partition. Your guests and family are within easy reach, but your kitchen remains visually separate.

The colours and materials used to create a smart, attractive open-plan kitchen should not be left to chance. Avoid sudden breaks in style and colour. Play on the visual continuity of the furniture and opt for a well-considered combination of materials and finishes. At noblessa, we offer a wide range of options to enhance your open-plan kitchen: pastel or dark colours, matt or glossy finishes, natural or non-natural materials. It all depends on your inspiration and the style you want: industrial, contemporary, sophisticated, Nordic or urban. The only watchword? Create a warm, elegant atmosphere with character, so as not to tarnish the ambience of the room adjoining your open-plan kitchen.

As well as materials and colours, don’t neglect the lighting. They’re not there just for decoration. Although light is naturally present in open kitchens, it still needs to be accentuated above the worktop, hobs, island or preparation bar. Another resolutely elegant option is to integrate LED lighting inside the cabinets.

Fitting out a noblessa open-plan kitchen requires a great sense of tidiness so as not to pollute the look of your home. Each piece of furniture must be beautiful and blend in with the landscape of the house. In addition to tidiness and design, the kitchen must also be clean and odour-free. When it comes to odour nuisance, a high-performance cooker hood, attractively installed in your kitchen, is your best bet. For a clean look, opt for a noblessa splashback which, as well as enhancing the style of your kitchen, keeps your walls in good condition and is easy to wipe clean.

Appliances in an open kitchen should not only be aesthetically pleasing and functional, they should also be silent so as not to disrupt life in your adjoining rooms.
Another trick is to conceal your kitchen appliances in base units or wall units with sliding or folding doors. noblessa’s highly flexible cupboards and fully modular shelving will enable you to design your open kitchen in the most optimised and discreet way possible.

Details make all the difference! In a noblessa open kitchen, magnetic knife holders, tray holders, paper towel or baking paper dispensers, towel holders and other universal storage add order and optimise space.

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