Set upa smallkitchen

Set upa smallkitchen

Is it possible to design a small kitchen in an aesthetic and functional way? Founded on affordable premium quality and strengthened by the experience of its employees, noblessa takes up the challenge. Designing and equipping a small kitchen requires thought, ingenuity, practical tips and organization. Nevertheless, with the equipment, appliances, materials and layouts of noblessa kitchens, the Beau Vivre knows no limits. Make room! Here are our best tips for designing your small kitchen.

Small kitchen howoptimize space?

The right design for a small noble kitchen is based on a few basic elements.

First of all, when it comes to layout, it is important to choose a kitchen plan that offers enough space for circulation. As such, I-shaped kitchens (linear and lengthwise) or parallel kitchens are the most suitable. The dining area with a built-in table is also a good trick for cramped kitchen spaces. If you want to create a small kitchen open to the living room or any other room in your home, consider the bar. This multi-tasking piece of furniture defines your kitchen, serving you to eat, prepare and entertain your loved ones.

In store, noblessa’ s expert planners will help you identify the different zones of your kitchen in order to segment the space correctly, give a sense of grandeur and facilitate your movements.

In addition, the choice of materials and finishes, but even more so their color, are very important. To design a small kitchen, opt for pastel and natural colors, light wood decoration or sandy concrete. Many noblessa kitchen ranges are available in silk grey, white, alpine white and magnolia. The sleek style is a source of light and visually enlarges the room. In terms of materials, the lacquered finishes and their mirror effect enhance this optical illusion. This is also the time to talk about the noblessa glass fronts that bring, in addition to a design and a chic decoration, a real brightness.

Lighting is another key element in the design of a small kitchen. Its role will be to give an impression of grandeur and enhance the value of every square meter. With noblessa LED lighting systems, you can illuminate your work surface, open storage niches or the sides of your furniture.

It’s all about storage. Solutions for storage and tidying up must be skilful, exploiting the smallest nooks and crannies from floor to ceiling. Therefore, no more bulky kitchen furniture or central island. Go for closets that reach up to the ceiling, wall-mounted shelves, open and hanging storage on credenza bars and drawer organizers. The noble base and wall cabinetsa save worktop space while providing ample storage space. A high cupboard, used continuously for the entire kitchen, offers flexible comfort. The same applies to the half-columns in XL height.

Smart solutions to simplify life will complement these storage units for your utensils, appliances, dishes, food or recipe books. A noblessa corner cabinet with swivel shelves, for example, allows you to take advantage of every corner of the room. Simply practical.

Setting up a small kitchen doesn’t mean depriving yourself of the best equipment to execute your favorite recipes. You simply have to make an informed choice in terms of appliances and utensils. In a kitchen noblessa less than ten square meters, opt for a sink with a single bowl or a miniature dishwasher. Two-burner cooktops save precious centimeters. Combination microwaves – which have both oven and microwave functions – allow you to enjoy both appliances in one. Built-in, it saves even more space.

Therefore, prefer pocket appliances and inserted in a piece of furniture. Concentrate on the devices that are really essential. Last tip: by dressing the doors of your equipment for cooking and washing, you can continue the effort ofillusion of grandeur undertaken on all the facades of your small kitchen noblessa.

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