Materials & finishesnoblessa kitchenat noblessa

Materials & finishesnoblessa kitchenat noblessa

The materials and finishes used in your kitchen add style and a unique atmosphere to your room. They can give rise to all sorts of interpretations: sober, contemporary, traditional, industrial or even Scandinavian kitchens.

The materials and finishes used are not only aesthetically pleasing, they must also be resistant to impact, wear, water and heat. Furniture, doors, fronts, countertops, panels and splashbacks – the choice of materials to dress your project involves many different elements. Among all the trends and the range of possibilities, noblessa offers you a panel focusing on solid wood or wood decors, stainless steel, matt and gloss lacquer.

As we reject a single definition of beauty and functionality, all our collections and products can be customised. You are free to mix materials, combine colours and play with each finish to create a unique kitchen. In every noblessa shop, you’ll receive advice and personalised support from a dedicated expert kitchen fitter.

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Bright and shinylacquered kitchens

Chosen for the finish of your kitchen or as the main casing, lacquer is an eye-catcher. Luminous, with a touch of prestige, lacquered kitchens stand out for their refinement and soft lines. Lacquer provides a top-of-the-range finish, with a shiny, mirror-like effect that’s very attractive. A touch of sophistication is added to originality as soon as you move away from white and black in favour of colour. Lacquer shines, catches the light, enlarges small kitchens and brightens up dark ones. Lacquered furniture also benefits from an extra layer of resistance.

Matt surfaces are naturally sober, making them the perfect choice for those who like a refined look. However, the shine-free appearance of matt blends in with any ambience and is available in any colour. The anti-scratch properties of noblessa‘s innovative matt coverings are universally acclaimed. We promise fewer fingerprints on trendy, highly customisable fronts. What’s more, matt kitchens offer a velvety, elegant, muted finish that leaves plenty of room for all kinds of decorative materials. The cosy, cottony feel of a matt kitchen is particularly suited to large rooms and industrial styles.

Impeccable, trendymatt kitchens

Professional and durablethe stainless steel kitchen

The preferred choice of professionals for its practicality and hygiene, stainless steel also appeals to private individuals. It is often used as a finish in the kitchen, around the most tried and tested areas. Stainless steel is the easiest material to maintain, and is resistant to extreme temperatures and stains. This professional material is not lacking in user-friendliness and style. Just combine it with warmer or more colourful materials. Stainless steel also adds an incomparable touch of modernity and purity to both contemporary and traditional settings. Stainless steel materials and finishes for your kitchen can be polished, patterned or brushed, depending on your wishes and needs.

Natural and authentic, wooden kitchens offer the warmest of atmospheres. Whether it’s used to dress your fronts and countertops or as a finishing touch in your kitchen, this welcoming material is reminiscent of the cosy atmosphere of country homes. Despite its strong character, wood embodies calm, naturalness and a cocooning atmosphere. On countertops, splashbacks and fronts, raw oak or oak decors in Sierra, Montreal, San Remo and Havana appeal for their robustness and grain. Wooden kitchens can be rustic, elegant or contemporary, depending on the species chosen.

Warm and rusticthe wooden kitchen

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Wooden, stainless steel, matt or lacquered, the materials and finishes of a noblessa kitchen let you create the world of your dreams. By combining materials, colours and product ranges, you can create kitchens that are industrial, chic, vintage, Scandinavian, contemporary and more. To get inspired, take a look at our kitchen catalogue.