Thelacquered kitchena bright and trendy idea

Thelacquered kitchena bright and trendy idea

For noblessa, excellence results from the combination of design and function. Lacquered kitchens express a luxurious modernity. They embody the straightness, the concern of precision and the requirement of a design drawn to four pins. Their shimmering surfaces, their sparkling white, their smooth textures, are bluffing of mastery. The execution is impeccable. However, the lacquered style adapts to all trends, well beyond that of the glossy kitchen. A minimalist, contemporary, urban chic kitchen perfectly welcomes the reflections of lacquer. Lacquered fronts or worktops are also being reinvented alongside wood, concrete or stone.

Lacquered kitchensa burst of genius

The noblessa lacquered kitchen, white, slate gray or light sand, is a bright and bold choice. In black, lacquer reinvents the sophisticated, industrial and urban kitchen. The shimmering and luminous surfaces naturally flood your room and enhance the lines. No matter how your kitchen is laid out (U-shaped, L-shaped, linear, parallel), white enlarges and gives off a modern, timeless feel. The lacquer offers multiple possibilities of staging. It provides a sophisticated ambiance and a high-end finish that is also welcoming when combined with warm materials. More than that, lacquered is easy to live with. Its ease of maintenance, its resistance to shocks, temperatures and scratches make it an asset for families in a hurry and for moments that are overflowing with life.

With noblessa, the lacquered kitchen is neither cold nor impersonal. The pure design of a lacquered kitchen leaves room for all types of decorations, accessories and appliances. Thus, the play of materials in our lacquered kitchens will allow you to structure a visual space that is striking and consistent with your interior. We combine lacquered kitchens with dark floors and walls, stainless steel finishes, natural materials such as wood, brick, glass or stone.

Dressed in white, from its doors to its furniture, including its handles, the lacquered kitchen is a real tribute to femininity. The look lingers on a light look, shimmering cotton colors.

The ultra chic contemporary spirit is not the only asset of noblessa lacquered kitchens. Notice how they give the kitchen a whole new look and dimension. The minimalist impression of the lacquered fronts and worktops gives way to inspiration. In small and large rooms, open and closed, the mirror effect pushes the walls. Furthermore, the kitchen with lacquered front is resistant to daily handling.

The trompe l’oeil effect of the lacquer gives an impression of grandeur to your kitchen and leaves you all the room to express yourself in the choice of your equipment and the colors for your finishes. A stainless steel sink, a deep black oven, a wooden storage unit, a ceramic central island: lacquer invites mixes and contrasts. For a coherent and structured whole, you will have a wide choice in terms of equipment for cooking, washing, storage and preservation.

Fitting outlacquered kitchen

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