Thematt kitchensober and sensual

Thematt kitchensober and sensual

Fans of beautiful things appreciate the modern yet timeless character of a matt kitchen. This is one of the great strengths of the noblessa matt kitchen. The charm and poetry that emanate from matt, velvety surfaces deliver both a message of calm and a strong sense of identity. The elegance of a matt kitchen comes from the simplicity of the material and the attention paid to every detail, as demonstrated by its anti-scratch coating. Matt kitchens are the perfect combination of naturalness and innovation.

Matt kitchenvelvety print,discreet and chic

The matte finish creates a sober, chic atmosphere. Although they no longer have to prove their worth in rustic or traditional kitchens, matt fronts and coverings now excel in sleek kitchens.

White, and especially black, are particularly well suited to opaque coverings. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, noblessa matt kitchens awaken your senses with a silky touch and a top-of-the-range velvet look.

In an open-plan kitchen, whether it’s an L-shaped, U-shaped or long kitchen, matt is discreet enough to give pride of place to your living room or lounge noblessa matt kitchens blend in naturally with the rest of your interior.

In a small kitchen, matt colours can be combined with different materials and gloss finishes to compensate for light absorption.

noblessa completes its range of ultra-matt fronts with an anti-stain coating. While the traditional matt black never ceases to seduce and perfect industrial or cosy kitchens, fjord blue, burgundy and mineral green are also a great source of inspiration. Stone grey gives the room a contemporary, urban feel.

Finally, matt kitchens combine perfectly with fronts, worktops and finishes in authentic oak. These strong contrasts create a warm, family atmosphere with a modern edge. The interplay between a particularly matt surface and wood also provides the ideal conditions for an industrial look.

The noblessa matt surfaces, made from an innovative composite material, are particularly hard-wearing and capable of withstanding all the challenges of everyday use.

Matt is a trendy covering that offers great freedom when it comes to designing your kitchen. The velvety texture and sober appearance of matt are ideal for showcasing your kitchen accessories, utensils and equipment. On matt, muted countertops, appliances and accessories display their modern, vintage or innovative silhouettes. Discover the noblessa range of cooking, washing, storage and preservation units.

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