Thewood kitchenan authentic spirit that warms and endures

Thewood kitchenan authentic spirit that warms and endures

When the elegance of noblessa and the naturalness of wood meet, the marriage is seductive. The solid wood worktops and the wood decor fronts make your kitchen area very warm. While wood has a warm, natural elegance, it is also very robust, environmentally friendly and durable. In short, an aesthetic and user-friendly choice that will stand the test of time and life inside your home.

Wooden kitchens effect natural and warmin all circumstances

Wooden fronts and worktops are taking over noble kitchens. U-shaped, I-shaped or L-shaped kitchens, open with a central island or in the heart of a small space, natural essences sublimate any type of kitchen.

Wood, a timeless refuge, lends a rare authenticity to the surfaces it covers. Whether it’s the front of a piece of furniture, a credenza, a door or a worktop. Oak and walnut, light or dark, solid or laminate, can be combined with any type of kitchen material and finish for a natural look that warms the atmosphere.

The wood, all its variations of color, veining and knots, accompanies the black, the bench, the gray, the rust, the aqua as the green reed. In addition to combining design and user-friendliness, noblessa wood kitchens are easy to clean and resistant to light, water and impact. Natural elements excel in terms of robustness and have the ability to improve over time.

Do you like contrasts and the trend of associations? You will love the noble wood kitchens that combine different materials, colors and finishes for a limitless look.

Discover for example our models from the fascinating combination of matt and walnut fronts. Similarly, concrete architect style doors combined with wood work well. The result? Two timeless atmospheres with modern and trendy accents.

Discover also the combination of oak fronts and glass or lacquer fronts. Or how to give birth to a warm contemporary style.

In another register, wood combines well with stainless steel or brick for an industrial or retro chic kitchen. Otherwise, why not a solid wood credenza for a captivating depth effect?

The woodwork leaves room for all types of interpretation, from the most modern to the most rustic. The first to be convinced by wooden kitchens are lovers of country style. But those who love contemporary design or classic kitchens, as well as those who dream of a chic urban room full of character, will not be left out. For the realization of a unique place and to your image, nothing better than a kitchen in wood equipped noblessa. Discover our storage units as well as our cooking, washing, preservation and lighting systems. Carefully chosen, they will help create the perfect custom decor for your wood kitchen.

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