Kitchen trends 2022 :6 fundamentals this year

Do you want a kitchen that not only suits your taste but is also fashionable? The noblessa experts decode the kitchen trends of 2022 for you.

Since 1996, noblessa has been a brand of premium kitchens. Made in Germany and inspected by experienced craftsmen, our kitchens stand out for their high-quality materials, finishes and equipment. What’s more, the perfection of noblessa kitchens is expressed in a refined design that combines your preferences with the latest trends. Because, yes, the world of cooking is constantly evolving. Spotlight on this year’s kitchen trends!

1# Soft colours and matt finishesnaturalness reigns

The 2022 kitchen trends are all about light, natural colours.
White, silk grey, magnolia and powdery shades splash their candour and luminosity on fronts, splashbacks and countertops. Darker colours, reminiscent of natural environments, such as deep blue, forest green and terracotta, outshine black or dark grey. That’s why rust, soft green and fjord blue have been added to our catalogue.
Finally, in the kitchen trends of 2022, sober matt is the order of the day. At noblessa, these ultra-matt fronts have an added bonus: an anti-scratch coating that’s both attractive and practical.

2# Kitchen trends 2022: open kitchensare still popular

In terms of layout, the emphasis is on open-plan kitchens It has to be said that successive confinements have put the kitchen back at the heart of the home and family life. Today, it’s friendlier than ever, an extremely versatile meeting place. By 2022, all you’ll be doing is cooking, opening a bottle of wine, defrosting a meal or putting your shopping away. The kitchen can be used as a teleworking office, a reading area or even a classroom. That’s why open kitchens, especially when combined with a multi-tasking central island, are gaining market share.

3# A bright, eco-friendly style thanks tonatural materials

There’s a clear upsurge in the use of ecological and sustainable materials. One of them stands out even more this year. It is marble. Sophisticated and resistant to extreme temperatures, this stone provides a top-of-the-range finish full of charm. In keeping with our philosophy of accessible premium, noblessa also offers marble-look compact laminate countertops to keep up with kitchen trends in 2022.

When it comes to coverings, authentic materials reign supreme. Solid wood, glass, clear concrete and quartz line the space. As far as wood is concerned, all types can be found in today’s trends. Light or dark, oak or walnut, intensely or subtly grained, wood gives modern and rustic kitchens a deeply warm ambience.

4# Again and again, the renaissance of thewallpaper

Personalised wallpaper is already popular. It has been adopted in many rooms in the home: bedrooms, living rooms, corridors and offices.

This wallcovering is also making a comeback in the kitchen. In this demanding space, subject to heat and water, wallpaper no longer fears anything. This is thanks to vinyl that can withstand scratches, sponge blows and temperature variations.

Among the models on the market, the 2022 kitchen trends clearly show panoramic wallpaper as the winner. It gives kitchens a grand look while offering unlimited scope for customisation. Graphic prints, jungle prints, discreet or vivid plain colours: all styles are possible. The character of wallpaper suits all kitchens: industrial, Nordic, contemporary, ultra-modern or country.

5# The trendy kitchen of 2022 isminimalist

In line with the awakening of ecological awareness and the surge in the minimalist movement, the kitchen trends of 2022 are designed to be handleless, with smooth surfaces and a refined decor. At noblessa, we’re looking forward to introducing you to our range of handleless furniture with a practical, ergonomic push system.

What’s more, the minimalist language deeply enhances the details. It’s the perfect opportunity to dare to combine colours, materials and finishes in your kitchen to create a truly exclusive room.

6# The pantry completes the kitchen of today

The pantry and utility room are modern, functional spaces that are popular with consumers. What do we put in these rooms? Modular shelves, illuminated open niches, sliding drawers enhanced with organisers, continuous wall units, furniture that accommodates built-in appliances. 2022 is the year of beauty and functionality on a national scale. That’s why at noblessa we’re constantly adding clever storage solutions to our collections, designed to fit in with your everyday life.

Discover our 2022 kitchen trends catalogue. Inspiration for your future kitchen. And if you want to go even further, you’re bound to find a noblessa shop near you.