Your kitchen project andinterior designin 5 steps

Your project kitchen and interior designin 5 steps

From sketch to achievement, only 5 steps separate you from your project. Whether you’re looking to create a custom made kitchen or fit out the rooms in your home, our customer journey is designed to be efficient, pleasant and to meet up to your expectations.

With noblessa, designing the house or the apartment of your dreams, the one that meets your desires and needs, is no longer a luxury or a headache. Thanks to the attentiveness, expertise and services of our noblessa advisors, you benefit from highly personalised, step-by-step support. Every stage of your project becomes a simple and enjoyable adventure. That’s what we mean by Premium Service.

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First of all, take a look at our different styles and models on our website or in our catalog. Which collection will you to fall for? Poetic, natural, elegant, authentic, raw, vintage, industrial, minimalist or contemporary: browse through our unique, innovative and traditional creations. Whether you’ve come to us to design your kitchen or furnish your home, you’re looking at products made in the cradle of industrial excellence: Germany.

After strolling through our noblessa kitchens and interior furnishings, your future home slowly takes shape. Desires emerge, ideas blossom.

It’s time to visit your nearest noblessa store. Our advisors will be there to welcome you and guide you, particularly in the first step: having our technicians take the measurements of your room.


Our teams have proven expertise and know-how since 1996. And all this? All for you.

At your personal appointment in shop, you’ll meet the expert who will become your single point of contact He or she is dedicated to your project, from its earliest beginnings right through to the final installation, and even after you’ve used it for the first time.

Intuitive and enthusiastic, your noblessa expert listens carefully to your aspirations while instilling in you his creative vision and professional sense of aesthetics. He is your partner in creating a kitchen and arranging your rooms in a balanced, stylish and functional way.

At the end of this second stage, you’ll have an initial plan that takes account of all your aspirations, your space and your resources. For your kitchen: the front doors, the countertops on your walls, the main storage units, the cooking system, the location of the sink and the materials. For your rooms: the configuration of your storage units, the choice of dressing room, the style of bathroom furnishings. Your preliminary project will already give impetus to your dreams


Your projectà la carte


Everyone has their own way of experiencing beauty and ergonomics. That’s why all our products feature customisable style and technology. We refine the guidelines of your project, define your objectives and carefully study your lifestyle. Then it’s time to create the kitchen and interior design that suits you... right down to the smallest detail. Because the final harmony of your room and its equipment depends on the choice of finishes and accessories, even the most discreet ones.

Third step: the configuration and à la carte selection of materials, color shades, hidden fittings, handles and appliances. The possibilities are endless, and every detail counts.

Rest assured, your noblessa advisor is there to help you. He or she takes part in the rigorous selection of colors, textures, shapes, components and technologies that will make your home unique. He or she finalises the material plan and freehand sketches. A pencil stroke that gives birth to your future living space.


Creating a new kitchen, redesigning an interior layout, changing furniture or equipment sometimes requires a great deal of imagination. To optimise your experience and enable you to project yourself into your new home, noblessa offers you 3D modeling of your project.

Thanks to this tool, you can visualise your plans and visit your space as if you were actually there. Soak up the atmosphere, adjust using our simulator, and personalise instantly before the official launch of design and construction.

Your3D tour

Delivery& installation


The dream becomes reality Benefit from the experience of our experts when it comes to installing your furniture and setting up your kitchen. Delivery, assembly, cleaning of the work area: everything is included at noblessa. Our teams will also take care of commissioning the electrical systems and mechanisms. They take care of everything with care and professionalism. They will give you the latest advice, and assistance is available long after they’ve left.

The priceby noblessa

Delivering premium service also means ensuring a fair and transparent price. Our ambition? hat you can create your kitchen and fit out all your rooms without any unpleasant surprises or traps.

Thanks to our various service providers and the clse, trusting relashionship we have built up with them, we can tailor our prices to suit you and include a wide range of services in our offers..

In addition to that, our experts can offer you a financing solution tailored to your project and budget. If needed, we can adjust the repayment period, and your application will be immediatly pre-approved when the quotation is created.

Finally, all you have to do is concentrate on the final approval of your furnishings. Our noblessa experts will take care of all the administrative details.