Findnoblessain the world

Findnoblessain the world

noblessa is today a German brand of excellence recognized all over the world. The aesthetic and functional quality of our products and the reliability of our manufacturing processes have quickly proven themselves. This is why the noblessa network has quickly established itself as a brand name in the world. Discover our achievements and our showrooms across the continents.


Premium cuisine is accessible and the house of Beau Vivre is expanding into the United States. Discover our 5 noblessa stores located in several states in the USA.

noblessa is equal to the scale of Dubai.
Find our store in the United Arab Emirates.



Finland is the undisputed home of the noblessa brand and has more than 30 noblessa kitchen stores.

The Swedish market has already been conquered by noblessa, as evidenced by our eight stores in Sweden.


noblessaSaudi Arabia

With 2 stores in the country, noblessa is already a well known brand. Come and discover our showrooms in Saudi Arabia.

First established in China for a real estate project, noblessa cuisine now exhibits its collections in Shanghai.



noblessa is present in Beirut. At the crossroads of cultures, our cuisines have made their place in Lebanon.

Already 4 noble stores are located on the small and effervescent island of Taiwan.



Eastern Europe has fallen under the spell of noblessa’s know-how and design. Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, has a showroom.