Open a storenoblessa,provide The Beau Vivre

Open a storenoblessa,provide The Beau Vivre

Are you passionate about kitchens and interior design? Do design and innovation give you emotions you’d like to share? Become a noblessa affiliate and set up your own successful kitchen and living space store.

Opening a noblessa store means bringing together excellence and elegance to serve the home. It means selling durable kitchens and furniture of German excellence. It means making no compromise between customisation, noble finishes, and optimal functionality. It means joining a network whose impeccable expertise is already shining in France and around the world.

At noblessa, we put the same care into designing our products as we do in cultivating a company culture based on family values. Opening a noblessa store also means demanding the best for your professional future.

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You have every reason to join noblessa and our vision if :

  • You are a manager or employee in the kitchen trade, a furniture expert or an experienced manager;
  • You’re a creative person with an eye for the top end of the market and a 360° vision of interior design projects;
  • You want to invest in innovation, design, aesthetics and sustainability;
  • You want to put your expertise to good use and become independent while benefiting from support.

With a continuously increasing equipment rate in France of over 65%, fitted kitchens have a bright future ahead. Especially since the kitchen has become the favorite room of the French !

noblessa operates in a very promising sector where the combination of excellence, affordability, and customer support makes all the difference.

Today, our high-end positioning, premium service, the quality of our designs, and the attention given to each customer provide an excellent foundation for our progress.

The benefits of ourline of business

The benefits for opening anoblessa store

A solid network since 1996, launched as an affiliate in 2015, with 33 locations in France and 100 showrooms worldwide.

Tailor-made training, team-based business plan development, architect’s plan, and comprehensive post-opening support.

Sustainable kitchens and furnishing solutions, with environmental labels and the most stringent quality standards on the market.

Highly customizable offers that enable you to evolve in the worlds of decoration, design, and interior architecture, as well as customer relations and marketing.

  • 0 € entry fee
  • 0 € royalties
  • €50,000 personal contribution for a downtown store.
  • €250,000 total investment.
  • Average sales of €1,300,000 after 2 years.
  • Affiliation – 5 years

The noblessa shops are bathed in an atmosphere that is unique to the brand. Designed to be warm and refined places.

They house a lounge area for receiving customers, lighting and alcoves dedicated to the kitchens, a central material library, offices for the designers and backgrounds in evocative natural colours.

The noblessa range in each shop is defined by the teams, validated by the affiliate and then accessorised to fully immerse the customer.

A noblessa shop, a place to live, a place of eleganceand performance

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