Where does it come fromthe pricenoblessa

Where does it come fromthe pricenoblessa

Carefully selected materials, high quality finishes, the right balance between design and function: noblessa kitchens and interior equipment are developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Our kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms and storage units are manufactured in Germany. An industry widely recognized for its performance and precision. All materials used for noblessa designs are tested in advanced laboratory and field tests to ensure a minimum 15-year life span. Our products are tested and certified by independent international institutes.

It is therefore quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail that justify the noblessa price.

The strength of the noblessa price ?

A quote with no surprises. Everything is included, in accordance with the philosophy of our support from A to Z. From the first sketches of your project to the final installation, the price of our services is transparent and fixed. It responds to your financial imperatives and your vision while offering you peace of mind. noblessa’ s principle is to offer affordable premium. This means that our ranges and collections offer a wide range of products to suit all budgets.

As for the kitchen, depending on the materials chosen for your fronts, worktops, credenzas, the price varies considerably. The same goes for the choice of your kitchen layout, appliances, accessories, storage and lighting.


For the rest of your home, again, all options are available. Thanks to our customization service and the range of our offers, you will be able to design and equip your interior whatever your budget. Our dressers, bathrooms and storage units, clever and optimized, honor the ideology of the noblessa accessible premium.

Take the plunge: benefit from personalized advice and a clear, all-inclusive quote, thanks to noblessa’s customized support.

Thanks to a high degree of customization, noblessa prices are in line with your budget but also with your definition of beauty and aesthetics. From the living room to the dining room, from the kitchen to the bathroom: the modularity of our range and the large choice of materials and equipment allow you to unify the style of your home or, on the contrary, to give each room a particular style.

Customize for a fair priceand a unique look