Thestainless steel kitchena professional and unalterable design effect

Thestainless steel kitchen a professional and unalterable design effect

Perfect for aesthetes who like to focus on the essentials. The stainless steel kitchen of the professionals invites itself to the private home. In small touches or as a complete cladding, stainless steel brings an incomparable touch of elegance and design. Brushed stainless steel, which absorbs light, or polished, for a mirror effect, blends with the warm, authentic styles as well as the more industrial styles of noble kitchens.

Stainless steel kitchensa trendy lookand without burrs

Fans of the sleek style of professional kitchens will appreciate the cool steel aesthetic. A noble stainless steel kitchen instantly emphasizes quality, an industrial style, raw and nickel. However, stainless steel can also create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The basics to achieve this effect? Timeless and warm materials and finishes complement the sharp and contemporary metal line.

In addition to its raw and atypical style, stainless steel has the advantage of being unalterable. noblessa products – worktops, credenzas, fronts and accessories – made of stainless steel are resistant to extreme temperatures, stains and water.

Gone are the coasters and the battle against splashes of grease and colored liquids. In addition, stainless steel does not change color over the years as long as it is properly maintained. The worktops and fronts made of noble stainless steela are stable and hygienic. So that you can prepare your food in complete serenity.

A polished stainless steel kitchen reflects light and produces the illusion of a larger, brighter room. Therefore, in a small kitchen, you can also rely on stainless steel equipment to create a grand atmosphere. However, smooth stainless steel, which is sensitive to fingerprints, can also be replaced by polished stainless steel, which is less noticeable.

For an L-shaped, U-shaped or linear kitchen, in a room of a few square meters or more, stainless steel is suitable for all layouts. Super trendy and raw noblessa stainless steel kitchens are combined with black, white, gray or shyly colored kitchen elements.

For an elegant and modern kitchen, combine stainless steel with natural elements such as glass, wood or concrete. It offers a delightful original look, enhanced by a slight metallic shimmer.
For an industrial decor, stainless steel will do most of the work. For the rest, bet on a finish and equipment that respect industrial codes: brick, concrete, solid wood, matte black, glass.

For a modern country look, dress up your stainless steel kitchen with oak furniture whose shades, veining and knots offer a unique look. The stainless steel countertop blends in with the cool tones, while the warm wood sets it off with a natural contrast.

Thus, the noblessa neutral silver stainless steel kitchens successfully blend with all your desires, whatever the decor, materials and furnishing finishes in your kitchen as your home.

How do you integrate a professional kitchen into your busy home? Stainless steel, with its shimmering silver or brushed look, can easily be combined with most equipment and accessories to make your kitchen more lively. This is why noblessa offers a wide range of kitchen equipment in wood, quartz, glass, stone or ceramic.

Conversely, in addition to traditional fronts and worktops, you can easily use stainless steel in small touches. For a sink, a dishwasher, cooktops, a set of appliances, a hood base, a credenza or a countertop on your central island.

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