Furnish a vintage kitchen in4 steps with noblessa

The look of the 1950s to 1970s kitchens are timeless. Nowadays, the objects that litter the flea markets and the furniture with an aged look make up many kitchens. We want a personal piece, full of memories and alive. Here, we put aside the ultra design aspect, the purified and the latest fashion. However, apart from an array of retro objects and a coat of paint, how to design a vintage kitchen? noblessa answers.

1- Colorspastel or vitaminized

The vintage kitchen is declined in soft colors as acidulous.

Turn tocottony or pastel tones for a bright, country retro kitchen. Conversely, favor darker colors such as blood red, blue-gray or forest green for a vintage industrial look.

Otherwise, let yourself be seduced by a sparkling vintage kitchen in milky tones spiked with pop and flashy colors. Without going overboard, opt for a few electric touches of yellow, pink, blue or green. You can integrate these dynamic colors with a painted wall or objects. It is clearly the prerogative of the nostalgic of the 70s!

2- Materialsraw and natural

To create a vintage kitchen full of charm and character, make the most of raw and natural materials. Wood has a special place here. It is found in particular on bars and worktops. It gives such an incomparable rustic feel that it’s hard to imagine a retro kitchen without it.

Glass is another material that is very popular with nostalgic people. A glass roof and a few jars: here you are, sixty years back in time! We also recommend a beautiful wooden shelf to display your most beautiful pieces.

It’s impossible to talk about a vintage kitchen without talking about formica. An emblem of the 70’s. Available in pastel or bright colors, this material creates an immediate flashback effect.

Also consider steel. Simple and raw, it gives a style halfway between vintage and indus. To keep the friendly side, we advise you to combine this cold material with the warmer wood.

In addition, it is quite possible to combine materials depending on the vintage style you want to give your kitchen. For example, choose stone and wood for a country style kitchen. Opt for stone and glass for a vintage kitchen with a modern twist.

3- Coatingsstaggered

For the floor, choose cement tiles in checkerboard pattern, old tiles or terracotta tiles from Provence. Timeless vintage identity! If your kitchen is open, the black and white 20×20 tile has the advantage of delimiting the room.

For the credenzas or the
work plan
For the credenzas or worktops, cement tiles with a pattern or subway tiles clearly have an old school effect!

Finally, brick can cover an entire wall and offer a very warm and cozy vintage feel. The same goes for painted orrusty-looking metal to cover your shelves.

4- Equipment and objectsretro

What about appliances and objects in a retro kitchen?

As for the dishes, the plates, glasses and cutlery seem to have come straight out of a yard sale. Give in to the shelfie trend: or the art of displaying your dishes on open shelves. In a vintage kitchen, generally speaking, the open storage units allow you to display your most beautiful trinkets: clocks, scales, posters, wicker baskets, wrought iron or cast iron objects, etc. The chairs are alternately mismatched or left aside in favor of steel stools or leather armchairs.

Let’s move on to appliances. The fridge is a key piece in creating a vintage kitchen worthy of the name. Favour the
models of refrigerator of the 50s
rounded and colored. As for the stove, let yourself be seduced by the
cooking pianos of yesteryear
. A noblessa must have! The most meticulous can even choose an original retro faucet. Finally, the re-edited food processors, kettles and toasters will add an undeniable touch to your room. The same goes for copper-plated pots and pans and accessories. The little extra? Lay them out in plain sight.

To furnish your vintage kitchen, also consider wooden pallets. For a shelf, a coffee table, a planter: these 100% recycled objects offer an infinite number of possibilities.

When it comes to lighting, discretion is not an option. Enameled sheet metal suspensions and copper lamps are welcome.

Now, all you have to do is wander around the second-hand stores and brocantes. For the layout, the choice of new furniture vintage look and raw materials consistent, do not hesitate to turn to experts in the kitchen. noblessa is there to advise you and accompany you in your project of kitchen 50s to 70s.